Drinking games, shot glass sets, decanters, hip flasks and more.



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    Complete any party drink with these pretty cocktail parasols.  Paper umbrellas on wooden sticks.  8 pcs per pack.  Colours vary.



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    This six inch ruler doubles as a bottle opener by using the “B” in “Beer Rules” to open your bottles.  Metal ruler.  Length: 6 inches/15 cm.

  • Denture Bottle Opener

    Denture Bottle Opener

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    Why not take the strain off your precious pegs and use someone else’s to open your beer bottles? They make look like Nana’s falsies but the Denture is as potent a bottle cracker-opener as you are likely to find anywhere.  Denture-shaped bottle opener.  Plastic with metal opener.

  • Drink NotesDrink Notes

    Drink Notes

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    Set of 6 reusable drink markers with dry ease marker


  • CitrusawCitrusaw


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    Cold beer & lime wedges go together like Joanie & chichi. And that, my friend, is why the Citrusaw rules. It slices the citrus, it opens the bottle. It’s cutting edge hardware for your home bar or beach bag.

  • What The Fuck GameWhat The Fuck Game

    What The Fuck Game

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    Try to guess what other players are going to answer to the most ridiculous set of questions imaginable. If you do not correctly predict a player’s response, you take a one-, two- or three-drink penalty. The game includes over 400 questions. It is the most flexible drinking game in the world! Players can easily enter and exit the game and you can

  • Ring for Wine Key Ring

    Ring for Wine Key Ring

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    A very special pocket sized hand-bell on a key ring – ring it for a glass of vino!

  • Bottle Top CoastersBottle Top Coasters

    Bottle Top Coasters

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    Giant bottles of beer?! Well no, unfortunately not, although you can lazily dream that these giant Bottle Top Coasters did one day sit happily upon a giant beer bottle. Although for now you may have to satisfy yourself with just protecting your table top with these ‘beer mats’.

  • Wall Mounted Bottle OpenerWall Mounted Bottle Opener

    Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

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    It’s pitted chromed finish and bright red “Open here” instructions make this bottle opener a fun addition to any kitchen, bar area or garden wall near the barbeque.

  • Bite Me Bottle Opener

    Bite Me Bottle Opener

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    This sharp looking bottle opener is styled on vampire fangs. This stainless-steel beauty is a must-have for vampire fans. Get your bite out at night!


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