5 Foreplay techniques to drive your partner wild

The first tip may seem relatively simple but it makes a huge difference, use lubricant! Lubricant is a sex toy in itself and it will make you feel more aroused especially with foreplay. I recommend a silicone lubricant because it will last longer and give you plenty of time to start playing but flavoured lubes can add an edge to oral sex. When you’re performing oral sex on a woman take your time and even involve other elements. [...]

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5 Toy box essentials for every couple

Vibrating cock rings are really good clitoral stimulators and are also great for prolonging an erection. We would recommend Hopping Hare at £9.95 because it’s a stretchy, textured ring and has a removable bullet that you can use all over the body, and on each other. The We Vibe 4 plus is definitely the best couples toy out there to date, it may be a little bit more pricey at £139 but it is worth saving for. It’s [...]

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DIY Sex Toys top 5

Fruit and vegetables can be used as DIY sex toys for either men or women. As long as you are using a condom it’s completely safe to do so, a few favourite’s for guys are watermelons, grapefruits, cucumbers cut in half, you get the idea. Also pouring honey or melted chocolate on your partner can be really erotic, time to eat up! You can also make your own masturbators using something tube shaped, preferably made from plastic. Then [...]

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Obviously, we’re all about love and romance, but sometimes, going at it hard and fast is exactly what we crave. The only problem? Quickies are often at the most inopportune times or places – how do we fix ourselves up after? Install a handheld shower head in your bathroom! With a removable, handheld showerhead, you can quickly freshen up to perfection, without messing up your hair or look, suggests sex expert. If you aren’t near a bathroom or home, go [...]

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