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This Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug is used in the anal area for sexual stimulation either on its own or when used during sexual activity with a partner. This Classic anal dildo is presented in an attractive black or flesh colour and is the small size.

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Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug (small)

The insertable length is 3.5”, making it perfect for those new to anal sexual pleasure. The tip is rounded for comfortable and easy insertion.

The dildo length is tapered to reach the widest point at the bottom, giving a fully satisfying experience every time. The bottom of the anal dildo has a flared base for safety and complete peace of mind during use.
This Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug is made from Sil-A-Gel, which is a fully body safe and comfortable material. It is latex and cadium free, as well as being anti-bacterial and odourless. It is a high quality, trust worthy material for your anal dildo. It’s really flexible, meaning more comfort during use.
This anal dildo can be used by persons of either gender and any sexuality. Use it alone or during sex with your partner for waves of exciting sexual stimulation! It’s even fully waterproof meaning you can enjoy the pleasure beyond the bedroom, in the bath or shower too. The Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug is available in a variety of colours and sizes for perfect fit and feel every time.

  • Small size anal dildo in black or flesh colour
  • 3.5” insertable
  • Tapered shape for comfort and easy insertion
  • Flared base for safety during use
  • Sil-A-Gel material which is anti-bacterial and latex free



Black, Flesh


up to 5 inches


up to 2 inches


Jelly rubber


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