5 Toy Box Essentials for Every Man

5 Toy Box Essentials for Every...

  • First up is a vibrating cock ring. Not only does a cock ring help you to maintain an erection for longer, it can increase sensitivity and enhance your orgasms. 
    The Hopping Hare Cock Ring £9.95
    Even better, a vibrating cock ring adds extra excitement and stimulation for you and your partner.  Try the Hopping Hare Vibrating Cock Ring (£9.95), with a ‘bunny ear’ clitoral massager with a powerful 3-speed bullet vibe (the bullet is also removable to use separately – 2 toys in 1!). If you’re playing alone, try wearing it backwards and upside down to tickle your balls for an even more pleasurable experience. 


  • Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, everything is better when it’s wetter. Lube enhances sensation and prevents friction from stopping the fun.  A water-based lubricant is great for everyday use, or try longer-lasting silicone for anal or extended action.  Liquid Silk (250ML £13.95 or 50ml
    Lubido 100ml £5.95
    £4.95) is our favourite water-based lubricant, with a creamy texture that lasts and lasts. Flavoured lube can also be fun…we stock a wide range of flavours, fruity, minty, chocolate…whatever you fancy.


  • A top men’s toy, masturbators are great for well…masturbation! Created to look and feel like the real thing with a variety of appearances and sensations.  Starting from smaller ‘pocket’ toys to the ever-popular Main Squeeze
    Saha Grey Main Squeeze £59.95
    (£59.95), Lust! stocks a range to choose from.  Always use lots of water-based lube.  Prices start from £14.95 – go on, treat yourself!


  • Penis pumps are seriously underrated boy’s toys. They can be used to maintain and enlarge an erection, giving you that extra boost when you need it.  Not only do they enhance your penis, the intense sucking and pressure sensations can be earth-shattering. 
    Redline Penis Pump £29.95
    We recommend Menzstuff Redline Pump (£29.95) – not only is it easy to use, it comes complete with a gauge to keep track as you ramp up the pressure.


  • Finally, we suggest prostate massagers. The prostate is the equivalent of a man’s G-Spot. Stimulating the prostate gives mind-blowing orgasms!  For beginners, Lust! Recommends the Scorpion’s Tail (£24.95)
    Scorpion’s Tail Prostate Massager £24.95
    this slim line vibrator has a gentle curve to reach your sweet spot and a simple to use button controls its powerful vibrations.  Remember to use lots of lube!  Anal Slix (6.95) lasts for a long time and gives a cushioning effect to make you more comfortable.


As an added extra, why not try our herbal enhancement pill? It’s great if you want to go for longer, improve your orgasms and get a helping hand in satisfying your partner. Great news – they work for women too!

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