Great handpicked selection of quirky gifts and homeware for the lounge. 

  • Crystal Skull Container-2248Crystal Skull Container-2256

    Crystal Skull Container

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    A beautifully crafted glass skull container.There are a couple of ways to get your hands on your very own Crystal Skull. One is to become an adventure loving archaeologist and plunder the long lost tomb of some Aztec king. The other way is to buy one from Jay. Fill it with your favourite sweets, fruit, popcorn, miscellaneous junk or even use it as a vase. The possibilities are endless!

  • Big Ben Wall Clock Sticker-2101Big Ben Wall Clock Sticker-2102

    Big Ben Wall Clock Sticker

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    Although now more than 150 years old, Big Ben is enjoying a contemporary revival.... in the form of our stylish wall mounted clock.

    Our Big Ben clock is supplied as 4 vinyl stickers, each with intricate windows cut out to reveal the wall behind. Choose a clean, flat wall surface and, starting with the bottom section, work your way up to produce this stunning, silhouette style Big Ben Wall Clock.



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    Complete any party drink with these pretty cocktail parasols.  Paper umbrellas on wooden sticks.  8 pcs per pack.  Colours vary.

  • Bottle Top CoastersBottle Top Coasters

    Bottle Top Coasters

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    Giant bottles of beer?! Well no, unfortunately not, although you can lazily dream that these giant Bottle Top Coasters did one day sit happily upon a giant beer bottle. Although for now you may have to satisfy yourself with just protecting your table top with these ‘beer mats’.

  • Genie Head Massager

    Genie Head Massager

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    Just a few seconds of help from this Genie Head Massager is enough to send you into a chilled out state of bliss! Specifically designed to stimulate your nerve endings and massage acupressure points on your neck, scalp and temples.
    Being on the receiving end of this will have you submitting to anything and anyone!