A Beginner’s Guide to Tantric Yoni Massage

If you’re exploring ways to spice up your sex life, you may be wondering ‘what is a yoni massage?’ In this article, we’ll reveal the definition of yoni massage, the benefits of yoni massage and some amazing yoni massage techniques you can put into practice in the bedroom.

What Is A Yoni Massage?

Yoni is Sanskrit for vagina and essentially it’s a vaginal massage that not only feels good but brings a variety of benefits to the mind and body. In the practice of tantra, the vagina is considered a sacred portal that should be treated with love and respect. Yoni massage incorporates a tantric full body massage with sensual stimulation of the erogenous zones, including the breasts. However, the main focus is on the vagina. By utilising the movement of sexual energy around the body in coordination with breathing exercises, a variety of benefits can be achieved.

Benefits Of Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is a wonderful act that delivers many benefits. Here are just a few advantages of taking part in yoni massage:

  •       More orgasms
  •       Sexual healing from trauma or blockages
  •       Better sex
  •       Improvement in pelvic pain
  •       Relaxation
  •       Alleviation of painful periods
  •       Enhanced sex drive
  •       Improvement in the feeling of intimacy and trust
  •       More self-confidence
  •       A deeper connection with yourself

Now you’re aware of the incredible benefits of yoni massage, let’s explore the best techniques for this practice.


How To Give A Yoni Massage

As yoni massage is a spiritual practice, be aware that it incorporates elements to harness both the mind and body. Here is a step-by-step approach to giving a yoni massage.

Prepare yourself mentally

It’s important to prepare your mind for a yoni massage, especially if you’re new to tantra and this practice. Go into this with an open heart. Remember that while orgasm and better sex are benefits of yoni massage, they’re not the sole focus. Try to leave any preconceptions you have behind. If you’re completely open to what yoni may offer, this will help you to get the most out of it. Take some deep breaths before you begin. Use slow inhales and exhales, breathing out of your stomach.

Prepare your setting

Get your space ready by making it as comfortable as possible. Whether you want to lie on your bed or on a couch, preparing your area will help to give you the best experience. First, have some massage oil handy. You can use coconut oil if you have some. Additionally, you can light a couple of scented candles if it helps you to relax. Grab a pillow and a few blankets for extra comfort.

Help your body to relax

Once you’re ready to begin your yoni massage, place a pillow under your lower back and lie with your knees bent so your feet are on the ground. Next, open your legs wide so that the vagina is exposed. Begin gently touching your abdomen, working towards the breasts. Slowly massage this area, softly touching the areola with your fingers. Tug or rub the nipples before working your way back down your body to the vagina.

Connect to the breath

 Connection with your breath is a central part of tantric sex and the art of tantra. To do this, take an inhalation while tightening the back of the throat. This will allow you to make a whispering noise as you breathe. Exhale and continue to make this sound. Taking slow, deep breaths helps to keep your mind and body present as you move sexual energy throughout the body.

Cup your vagina

Cupping is a great technique for any beginner. First, make a cup shape with your hand and hold it over your vagina. Move your hand in a circular motion and then flatten it so it’s against your vagina. Use your palm to softly massage the vaginal area.

Circle your vagina

Another great technique is to circle your clitoris with the tips of your fingers. Use circular motions for soft stimulation. You can vary the pressure applied to the clitoris, as well as using different circle sizes for added sensuality.

Roll your clitoris

Next, try rolling your clitoris. To do this, gently grab your clitoris between your finger and thumb, rolling it for stimulation.

Take your body to the edge and back

As you work through varying yoni massage techniques, try taking your sexual energy to the edge of orgasm and back again. This builds up multiple waves of orgasmic energy, enabling you to explode in a culmination of intense pleasure.

Enjoy the benefits of yoni massage today

Now you know the definition of a yoni massage, as well as the most effective yoni massage techniques, you can start to enjoy this practice. Whether you want to release tension, encounter new sexual experiences, or give your love life a boost, you’ll adore the pleasure that yoni massage brings.


About the author:

Erica Suarez-Hillingdon is a sex therapist and expert on everything related to tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage. She is the editor at Karma Tantric, London’s premier tantric massage agency and writes about how tantra can help men, women, and couples improve their sex lives.



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