• 7" Rotating G-Spot Rabbit

    7″ Rotating G-Spot Rabbit

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    This 5 star rated, glossy, sparkly, techno bunny is a bit special! As with all remarkable rabbits, it features powerful, 2 speed, clit stim ears, but this beauty also comes with a curved shaft tip complete with nubby ticklers and a 2-way rotation to ensure your G-spot gets just as much attention as your clit. Yes girls, this flexible friend has

  • Rabbit Turbo

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    The Rabbit Turbo gives a delicious double spin to the classic rabbit vibe, with its two way, simultaneous, tip and shaft rotation which is especially designed to whip you up into a frenzy of delight. Completely waterproof, multi speed, with an ultra powerful rabbit ear clit stim and internal beads which move in both directions at the exact same